Anonymous asked:

whay happened to all ur triangls??

hotnfunnn answered:

haha they are such cool bikinis don’t get me wrong, but they are very shit quality bikinis. I only wore a few of them only a handful of times and they would mark so easily, since you could only hand wash the bikinis it is very hard to get any mark off the bikini. Also it is seriously a bitch to go to the beach with the bikini because the sand will get all up in EVERYWHERE and you will not be able to get the sand out unless you scrub scrub intensely for hours. I gave up. The bottoms of my trangl bikinis and many others that I have heard of has had this happen to them, the top layer becomes loose and starts to give off a leaky wall type look, kind of like the top layer is bubbling and is loose from the second layer - if you get what I mean. In addition if you do not flatten the bikinis and fold them just once they will crinkle and then its another task to add to list of fucking ironing them. All I gotta say is they are a bitch to take care of but if you can do it! go for it!